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Inspector General //
Commonwealth Ombudsman (Defence Force Ombudsman)

Original Name: Inspector General

Type of Institution: Inspector General

Legislation: Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force Regulation

Website: http://www.directory.gov.au/directory?ea5_lfz99_120.&organizationalUnit&e62e5f08-db52-4568-b2dc-253097db8ae4

ICOAF related documentation:

Original Name: Commonwealth Ombudsman/Defence Force Ombudsman

Type of Institution: General Ombuds Institution

Legislation: Commonwealth jurisdiction

Website: www.ombudsman.gov.au

ICOAF related documentation:

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Additional Information: The Commonwealth Ombudsman is also the Defence Force Ombudsman (DFO). This organism is independent and external to the Ministry of Defense (MOD), able to respond to complaints and grievances of both serving and former MOD members.

For more information refer to the DFO's webpage.

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