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Oct 08, 2017

Opening Ceremony

Ambassador Thomas Guerber, Director, DCAF

Nicola Williams, United Kingdom Service Complaints Ombudsman for the Armed Forces

Oct 08, 2017

Keynote Address

General Sir Gordon Messenger KCB, DSO* OBE ADC, Vice Chief of the Defence Staff

Oct 08, 2017

Session 1. Maximizing the Role of Ombuds Institutions within Ethical and Legal Boundaries

Chair: Susan Atkins, former UK Service Complaints Commissioner

  • Speaker 1: Paul Pfitzner, Senior Assistant Ombudsman, Defence Branch, Australian Commonwealth Ombudsman

  • Speaker 2: Allyson Macvean, Professor of Policing and Criminology, Bath Spa University

  • Speaker 3: Lt. Gen (Ret.) T. T. Matanzima, South African Military Ombud

  • Speaker 4: Jerald Joseph, Human Rights Commissioner of Malaysia (SUHAKAM)


Session 2: Ethical Practice in Ombuds Institutions and Armed Forces Environments

Session Leader: Dr David Whetham

Session 3: Duty of Care: Mental Health

  • Speaker 1: Guy Parent, Canadian Veterans Ombudsman

  • Speaker 2: Simon Wilson, Fixed Threat Assessment Centre

  • Speaker 3: Andrea Macfarlane and Padre Michael Hall, Royal Air Force, and Fionnuala Bonnar, Mental Health First Aid UK

  • Speaker 4: Graziella Pavone, ODIHR

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Oct 09, 2017

Session 4: Building an Inclusive Armed Forces: Addressing the Needs of Diverse Groups

Chair: Joyce Sylvester, National Ombudsman of the Netherlands

  • Breakout group 1: Gender

  • Breakout group 2: Religion

  • Breakout group 3: Sexual orientation

  • Breakout group 4: Race and/or ethnicity

  • Breakout group 5: Young people (including conscripts)

Session 5: Duty of Care: International Missions

Oct 09, 2017

Keynote Address

Lt Gen Richard Nugee CVO, CBE Chief of Defence People (CDP)

Oct 09, 2017

Session 6: (Why) are Armed Forces personnel reluctant to complain?

  • Breakout group where formed on the basis of type of ombuds institution: General Ombuds Institution, Military Ombuds Institution, and Inspector General

Oct 09, 2017

Closing ceremony

Chair: Nicola Williams, Service Complaints Ombudsman of the United Kingdom


Adoption of the Conference Statement

Moderator: William McDermott, DCAF


Announcement of the 10th ICOAF

Speaker: Lt. Gen (Ret.) T. T. Matanzima, Military Ombuds, South Africa


Closing Remarks

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